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But it is nonetheless a Marvel comic guide movie and adds a bit to the case that “huge” motion pictures aren’t going to make what they should make in the present market. After opening weekend, a film’s box office success will proceed to be tracked on the premise of day by day, weekly, weekend, month-to-month, quarterly, seasonal, yearly and complete ticket gross sales.

By the end of that summer season, the one animated movie to have grossed extra money worldwide was Toy Story three. After Gore Verbinski’s Pirates trilogy grossed a combined $2.68 billion worldwide, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer were not about to let the collection sail into the sunset. The third movie’s bloated length of 168 mins was roundly criticized (its Tomatometer score is just 45%), and this fourth movie fared even worse with reviewers (33%), but it did the job at the box office.

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