List Of 2015 Box Office Number

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With what the movie brought in over the weekend, Tenet, as of this writing, has earned $207 million globally, including $29.5 million at the domestic box office. Again, that is far and away probably the most we’ve seen any movie usher in since late February/early March. Warner Bros. also has to pay to market it all over the world, which is tremendously expensive.

It was the central piece of what’s thought-about one of the biggest comic-e-book films ever made. The movie’s $158 million opening weekend broke the previous document-holder, Spider-Man three, by more than $7 million, and Dark Knightheld the record for almost three years to the day until the ultimate Harry Potter chapter was released. The opening remains to be 17th all-time and the movie’s home complete haul is the twelfth-highest ever. Among the primary 5 makes an attempt Disney had made to convey its basic cartoons to life … Read More