Top 2017 Movies At The Domestic Box Office

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While Disney hoped thatMulan’s release in China would make up for the distribution points within the U.S. market, the movie had a disappointing opening weekend and only made $23.2 million on the Chinese box office. Compared to Disney’s different live-action remakes,Mulan was a big failure internationally;Beauty and the Beast made $85 million in its opening weekend in China, adopted byJungle Book with $fifty five million. Disney made a number of adjustments to makeMulan extra faithful to the unique poem “The Ballad of Mulan” and attraction extra to Chinese audiences, but these efforts appear to have been in useless. AlthoughMulan has gotten divisive reviews and calls to boycott the movie, Disney reported a 68% increase in Disney+ downloadsin anticipation of the movie’s launch.

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