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They think about a world out of all physical management. Movies about isolation and containment additionally obsess over dropping management but from a diametrically reverse angle, placing their characters in an existential quarantine that troubles the perimeters of their sanity. Despite all the inform-tale markings of a reboot, The Batman’s place in the free continuity of Warner Bros’s DC movie slate is still up for debate.

Despite commercial success, Batman v Superman was perceived as a artistic misfire even as cameras began to roll on Justice League – leading to a rethink of the film’s plot. Warner Bros. requested Affleck to re-write his script for The Batman as the shape of the film universe changed alongside Justice League. In January of 2017, he had stepped down as director with Matt Reeves quickly taking on.

At DC FanDome, Reeves teased that, just as Batman remains to be finding himself in the … Read More