Indonesian Horror Films Based on Local Legends

Horror genre films are currently a film that has never been absent on the big screen in Indonesia. Indonesian filmmakers have started competing to make the best horror genre films, a good film is of course seen from the storyline.
Well, usually a horror film to get a scary impression tells the story of a local legend called Urband Legend. Here are 15 Indonesian horror films based on local legends

  1. POTATOUS HOUSE (2012)
    Based on the story of a house located on Jalan Darmawangsa, South Jakarta, which according to residents, often smells of potatoes at night. Rumor has it that the smell comes from the spirit of a child who is boiling alive in a pot to boil potatoes. The film, starring the beautiful artist Shandy Aulia, takes pictures in real locations to give the audience a mystical impression.
  2. SKULL GASING (2017)
    The film, starring Nikita Willy, was based on a local legend from the Minangkabau area. Usually, a top made of wood or bamboo, according to the name, a top is made from the skull of a human who has died. The gas is used as a means of witchcraft.
  3. KUNTILANAK (2006)
    The figure of a female ghost in white clothes, pale skin, with long black hair that covers her face is often featured in Indonesian horror films. One of them is the film trilogy KUNTILANAK, played by Julie Estelle, which is a film about kuntilanak that is embedded in the minds of Indonesian horror film lovers. The three films were directed by Rizal Mantovani.
  4. GURITA’S HOUSE (2014)
    This 2014 horror film starring Shandy Aulia and Boy William tells the story of an octopus house in the city of Bandung. It is called the octopus house because at the top of the house there is a giant black octopus statue with red eyes. This house has many mystical rumors from the local community. Regardless of the rumors, director Jose Poernoma is interested in bringing this local legend to the big screen.
  5. OO NINA BOBO (2014)
    Nina Bobo is a song that parents often sing to make babies fall asleep. Behind it, it keeps the tragic story of a child named Nina who died of serious illness. Inspired by the local legend, the reliable director Jose Poernomo made a horror film entitled OO NINA BOBO.
    6.308 (2013)
    The mystery of room 308 at Samudera Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, was appointed in a film entitled 308. Room 308 was deliberately left vacant, according to the local community believes that the room was specifically reserved for the Queen of the South Coast, Nyi Roro Kidul. The film, which aired in 2013, was starred several top Indonesian artists and actors, one of which was Denny Sumargo.
  6. MALL CLENDER (2014)
    Successfully making a horror film of potato houses and 308, Hitmaker Studios in 2014 returned with a film called MALL CLENDER. Klender Mall is one of the haunted places located in East Jakarta, in 1998 the mall caught fire and resulted in many casualties. It is believed that the victim is still hanging around in the form of a curious spirit.
  7. JAILANGKUNG (2017)
    Jailangkung is a traditional Indonesian game to summon and become a medium of communication with invisible creatures. This local legend is often presented in various Indonesian horror films, one of which is JAILANGKUNG. This film was produced by two directors whose names are already familiar to Indonesian films, namely Rizal Mantovani and Jose Poernomo.