International film success. If analogous to an airplane, of course, the director is the pilot of a film. The role of the director is indeed one of the most important in the filmmaking process.

Although it takes a lot of effort to achieve this, some Indonesian directors have succeeded in bringing the films they work on to international film festivals.

Mouly Surya

International film success. Mouly Surya is no longer a stranger. Although they don’t release films often enough, almost all of the female films born in 1980 have managed to get attention, both at home and abroad. The attention of world film critics has started to turn to Mouly Surya since he released his film, entitled Fiction in 2008. The film was successfully shown at the Busan International Film Festival in the same year.
Mouly Surya’s achievements did not stop there.

Kamila Andini

Although initially, he was not interested in the world of film because he was worried about the greatness of his father’s name, Garin Nugroho, it seems that Kamila Andini has failed and is in the film industry as well. Kamila Andini’s name as a director herself began to soar after releasing the film Laut Bercermin in 2011. The film, starring Reza Rahadian, managed to get awards and praise from various domestic film critics. His career has also brightened, not only in Indonesia, after directing the film Sekala Niskala. The film, which is thick with Balinese culture, won the best film at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival.

Nan T. Achnas

Although he has worked since the 90s, the name Nan Achnas is not as popular as other Indonesian directors. This is due to his domicile in Singapore and his works that are not classified as mainstream in the Indonesian film industry. But that doesn’t mean he has never been proud of his homeland, huh! This woman who was born in 1963 has become one of the most successful contemporary female directors in bringing her film, Pasir Berbisik to international film competitions. His expertise in film processing has succeeded in delivering the film, starring Dian Sastrowardoyo, to several international film festivals.


Joko Anwar

The name of this bald man is certainly quite familiar because of the frequency of his works, which often graces the big screens of domestic cinemas. Joko Anwar is also famous as a quite successful director because several of his films have won awards.

Garin Nugroho

The quality of the works of this man who was born in 1961 cannot be doubted. Starting from the film Cinta Dalam Sepotong Roti (1991) to Surat Untuk Bidadari (1994), he successfully won international awards and gave the title of Best Young Director at the 1992 Asia Pacific Film Festival. Garin Nugroho’s journey did not stop even though he was more than half a century old. He continues to work with full sincerity.