a young Indonesian artist with a talent for acting

A young Indonesian artist with a talent for acting. These male artists are not only young but also talented in terms of acting. They also do not only have handsome looks.

Endy Arfian

A young Indonesian artist with a talent for acting. Endy Arfian became one of the young artists who shone in 2017. He is known for his booming film ‘Pengabdi Setan’. From there, his name became increasingly recognized in the country’s entertainment industry. The news of his love affair with Cut Beby Tsabina is also interesting to discuss.

Jefri Nichol

2017 could be the best thing for Jefri Nichol. The record of his appearance in acting is so many and it all started from being the star of the video clip ‘Love Letter To Starla’. After that, Jefri Nichol got five big-screen films. Also, he starred in a stripping soap opera.

Bryan Domani

Bryan Domani has been shooting for a long time. However, Bryan’s name became increasingly visible in 2017. He also starred in several stripping soap operas. Bryan himself is the older brother of young actress Megan Domani.

Cemal Faruk

Cemal Faruk is a Turkish-born actor of 20 years. Getting here, Cemal’s acting is always visible on the screen. His love affair with Ochi Rosdiana, which ran aground, became the other side of Cemal Faruk’s life in the world of entertainment 2017. Cemal is now single.

Refal Hady

Refal Hady is also one of the rising young actors in 2017. He has three films, ‘Galih dan Ratna’, ‘Critical Eleven’, and ‘Susah Tanda’. Also, Refal Hady often starred in FTV titles. His sweet black face began to be widely recognized by the public.


Maxime Bouttier

Maxime Bouttier has indeed been in the entertainment world for a long time. But his career in 2017 has remained consistent. Five films are starring Maxime. His love story with Prilly Latuconsina also attracted many fans’ curiosity.

Randy Martin

Randy Martin has remained stable throughout his career in the entertainment industry. He played four soap operas during 2017. Also, Randy Martin had the opportunity to play in horror films. His love affair with actress Cassandra Lee is also still exciting to be discussed by many people.

Brandon Salim

Brandon Salim proved that he could stand alone without sticking to his father, Ferry Salim. In 2017, Brandon existed through several television programs and playing films. Brandon Salim’s love story is also frequently asked about after breaking up with Valerie Thomas. His fans are also increasing on his social media.

Aldy Maldini ‘CJR’

2017 was full of colors for Aldy Maldini. His boy band CJR has been declared disbanded.
Even so, Aldy still tries to sing. Also, he proved that he could act through a movie title.

Rayn Wijaya

Rayn Wijaya also started to raise his name in the entertainment world in the country in 2017. There was one film and soap opera he played during that period. Rayn Wijaya himself was previously known after breaking up with Audi Marissa. Now, Rayn tries to contribute to the world of acting.